In Light Medical Systems TM provides a dynamic and user-friendly light thereapy system intended for clinical, professional and home user applications. LED light therapy involves the use of light emitting diodes (LED) delivering red, blue and infrared light to the skin. These three (3) wavelengths stimulate beneficial innate cellular responses increasing circulation and activating the release of nitric oxide.

Discover the Revitalizing Power of Light . . .

In Light Medical Systems TM can be used both professionally in a clinic and by people at home as part of their continuing therapy. Common pad designs between clinical and home units allow clients to receive the same benefits at home as in the clinic. In Light Wellness Systems TM is easy to use with simple controls and automatic and manual override settings. It also has flexible pads with unlimited positioning and Celcro style straps.

In Light Medical Systems TM manufacturing facility is an FDA registered facility and subject to regulation and inspection requirements.


Light Therapy is very powerful and can relieve:

  • Acute neck and back pain
  • Ankle problems
  • Arthritis pain and restricted movement
  • Bone spurs
  • Reduction of scar tissue
  • Inflammation
  • Tight muscles
  • Pain Relief
  • And Much more …